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  • OpenPGP Public Key Server  v.0.9.6PKS is an OpenPGP Public Key Server. It allows users to store and lookup public keys from the server's database. It can also synchronize with other servers. (This product includes software developed by Marc ...
  • PGP Public Key Finder  v.1.0The aim of this small program is to parse your address book (Evolution address book or VCard file for the moment) and check if some of your contacts have uploaded a PGP public key on a key server.
  • Public Key  v.1.0This project provides a library that enables application developers to publish their users public key as well as retrieve the public keys of the friends of the users.
  • Eureka Public Key  v.1.0.0Eureka Public Key was created due to numerous requests for a public key application using our strong encryption techniques.
  • CHAOS Public Key  v.4.23It is compact, reliable and simple program for sending protected messages to friends, colleagues and bankers.
  • Public Key File and Email Encryption freeware  v. de cryptage ?l?ublique OneClick ?tion familiale avec la protection RSA, du hachage, des signatures num?ques, des cl?publiques inalt?bles, pour tous les formats de fichiers pour prot?r vos renseignements et vos communications courriel ...
  • Peter's Public Key Server  v.1.0A perl implementation of the OpenPGP HTTP Keyserver Protocol Internet-Draft. Dependencies: perl, apache, gnupg ...
  • HIME: Huge Integer Math and Encryption  v.1.03Library with encryption functions (public key/secret key) and huge integer math functions. RSA public key, AES (Rijndael) secret key encryption, SHA-256 hash function, PRNG: Blum-Blum-Shub and RSA, Diffie-Hellman. For every programming language.
  • Keygloo  v.1.0.13With Keygloo, you can now encrypt your emails sent from Hotmail, Yahoo and Outlook Express. Keygloo is based on public key technology and uses 256 bit AES and 1024 bit RSA encryption algorithms to protect email messages. It is extremely simple to ...
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